article-img-01 If you cannot properly use writing styles in your assignments, it means that you do not know what each style presumes. The style of writing can be defined as a writer’s approach and usage of special writing techniques to discuss a topic. The choice of a writing style depends on the tone, syntax, selection of words/terms, purpose of writing, etc. Some students say that a style of writing represents the author’s voice, which readers can hear while comprehending information. Speaking about the writing style, there are 4 primary types that students come across in academic writing. Please read an explanation of each writing style.

Expository Style

Among different writing styles, expository writing is the most commonly seen. The focus should be made on the presentation of information about the chosen topic/subject. Personal opinions are usually excluded because the primary task is not to convince the reader, but inform him/her about a specific notion.

Descriptive Style

Here the writer makes an attempt to describe a person, place, building, personal experience, event, etc. as vividly as possible. In descriptive writing, students have to be rather poetic employing many sensory details. It can be done with sensory verbs of smell, sight, taste, feeling, and so on. The reader must be able to visualize the picture and experience the same emotions. For instance, if you describe a dinner, the reader should want to go to the restaurant and have those dishes.

Persuasive Style

article-img-02The focus should be made on convincing the reader that your arguments are the most concise and valid. The reader must eagerly accept your standpoint. Persuasive writing is probably the most complex because writers have to resort to different types of persuasion – ethos, pathos, and logos. More information about the means of persuasion can be found in online writing labs.

Narrative Style

According to the writing style definition, it is a type of writing where the writer attempts to narrate the story and simply retells events in a logical sequence. Among narrative pieces of writing, one can find novellas, novels, short stories, poetry, and biographies. Usually students are happy to see narrative essays in their home assignments because they will not have to carry out any research or gather relevant sources. However, keep in mind that narrative style is very similar to descriptive writing because writers have to use sensory details as well. Different writing styles reflect their own unique features. Literary styles aim to influence readers’ perception of the situation/issue/event. When writers intend to put their ideas on paper, they have to follow a number of requirements and pay attention to the sentence structures, logic reasoning, selection of words, sensory verbs, tone of writing, etc. It is always advisable to get rid of clichés, logical fallacies, and too complex sentence structures. If you want to reach success, always focus on the purpose of writing and intended audience.