article-img-01 In college and university there are various types of essays that students have to write. These assignments require one to possess writing skills, including an ability to write technically, and mastery of formatting styles. This knowledge allows students to focus on content of all types of essays rather than the general format. Every teacher will have peculiar assignment details and instruction provided for the students, so make sure to go over them carefully and plan your response well. For instance, narrative papers are those that tell the story. Therefore, they have a starting section, body and conclusion. The story can be fictitious or real depending on the task. In such assignment, not only punctuation, stylistics and grammar matter. Teachers also look for a plot, its development, details of description, and possibly a dialogue. Make sure that your details are not excessive and fit into the storyline well. Cause and effect is an essay type that discloses reasons and outcomes for a case or happening. In order to master this type of essay, you need to do extensive research to educate your reader about the causes and effects well. First of all, you need to understand them and be able to put them down on paper concisely. It is different from other essay types. If you are writing a longer piece, you can extend your discussion to some specific circumstances that have contributed to the outcomes. article-img-02 There are other different types of essays. For example, argumentative essays require a writer to pick a side and describe the advantages of his/her choice. Luckily, in such an essay you have a lot of freedom and can use your imagination as extensively as you wish. You may interpret facts, sources and statistic data as you understand them. However, make sure that you are appealing to the logic, because otherwise your paper will make no sense to the reader. In any case, employ your analytical writing skills. Research papers may sometimes require you to use chronological writing. All need in this case is to do some usual research, but make sure that you write it down in the order of occurrence. Your focus has to be as narrow as possible, because the pages of your assignment are not endless. It is critical to develop a succinct thesis as well. Finally, always cite your references to avoid plagiarism. Next, compare and contrast writing is pretty common. Such essays usually depict differences between two things. You can choose the structure that suits your way of thinking. It is possible to describe the two elements in turn, or alternate the similarities and differences of the two things in different paragraphs. Lastly, always make sure that your structure makes sense to the reader – it is better to go simple than confuse your audience and fail with the assignment. Descriptive writing sometimes comes in the form of a five paragraph essay. Such a paper has an introductory part, three main paragraphs of the body, and a conclusion. Traditionally, your introduction will have approximately four to five sentences, and it is necessary not to forget about the attention-grabbing sentence at the beginning. Finish off with a paraphrased thesis and a synopsis of main arguments. List your arguments from the most to the least important. Remember that your conclusion has to be attention-grabbing as well.