article-img-01Many students contact us with questions like “How to write an essay?”. Information presented below will help you become a successful writer.
  • Most of essays attempt to convince the readers to accept a certain point of view. If you are interested in “how to write a essay” properly, make sure you understand what power of persuasion means.
  • An essay should provide an answer to a specific question or topic.
  • There should be a clear and concise thesis statement.
  • The writer must present his/her reasoning with the help of different types of evidential support (statistics, direct quotes, paraphrased information, etc).

Writing an Essay in Details

There are key steps that will help you write an essay, but there might be some slight deviations. Most students go through different stages while working on essay writing. It is not forbidden to get back to some steps. For instance, you can always get back to the reading or research stage if you think that there is not enough evidence. article-img-02 Even if you do not know how to write an essay about yourself, you can always deviate from the commonly used writing plan and get back to the research process (e.g. check some old photos to stir your imagination and generate some useful ideas). You can rely on the following writing steps:
  • Check if you properly understand the topic.
  • Analyze the question and identify the possible terms.
  • Carry out the research. Focus on credible sources only.
  • Make some notes.
  • Create an essay outline, if you do not know how to write an essay.
  • Work on the first draft. Make sure that your draft reflects the proper essay structure – introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  • Revise your draft.
  • Proofread the paper.
  • Re-read the final paper to make sure that there are relevant citations and all instructions were met.