If you want to be successful in academic writing, you will have to comprehend what an essay format means. The most popular essay type includes an introduction, main body paragraphs (usually 2-4) and conclusion. Be ready to see the following essay structure in your academic assignments: article-img-01 I. Introduction II. Discussion one III. Discussion two IV. Discussion three V. Conclusion There are different essay formats and sometimes you will have to enlarge your essay by presenting more main body paragraphs. However, make sure you follow guidelines presented below to get good grades.


In APA essay format, you have to ask yourself the below mentioned questions to see if your introduction is up to the point. article-img-02
  1. What am I discussing? An answer to this question will explain what your focus is and if information presented in the paper directly relates to the given topic. If your task is to write a book report, be sure that you include such details as the book name, author, and style of writing.
  2. What is my approach towards presenting information? Your reader should know about the division of the paper and possible organization of your ideas. Therefore, you have to briefly present your topic and points that will be further explored.
  3. What do I have to prove in the essay? It is the most topical problem – create a thesis statement that will show your attitude towards a specific problem. It is usually the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Sometimes professors judge the effectiveness of students’ papers by reading the thesis statement only. Thus, be it MLA essay format or any other style, your goal is to produce a successful thesis statement with a clear and concise standpoint.

The Main Body

It is the part placed between the introduction and conclusion. Students are often asked to include no more than 2-3 points in the main body paragraphs. Therefore, do not discuss more than 1 point per paragraph so as not to mislead the reader. According to proper essay format, in each paragraph you will have to:
  • Introduce one point for discussion
  • Provide relevant explanation of the point
  • Include evidential support that directly relates to your point of discussion
  • Prove that your point and back up claims relate to the thesis. It can be done only if you present topic sentences.
The idea is to convince the reader that your thesis statement is valid and you can present your ideas clearly.


According to academic essay format, conclusion is the last paragraph in the paper that is aimed at restating the introduction. Therefore, you simply have to re-word your points discussed in the paper. Conclusion should also reflect arguments that you utilized in the paper. The easiest way to structure your conclusion is to follow the formula: Point 1+ Point 2+ Point 3 = Thesis Or Point 1 results in Point 2 that leads to Point 3 – thus, Thesis statement is true. While considering your essay format, you can utilize the following structure: I. Introductory paragraph A. Subject matter of discussion B. Key Points C. Thesis statement reflecting the future division of the paper II. The first standpoint A. Proper explanation of your point B. Evidential support C. How this specific point is related to the thesis statement III. The second standpoint A. Introduction and explanation of your point B. Evidential support C. How this specific point is related to the thesis statement IV. The third point A. Introduction and explanation of your point B. Evidential support C. How this specific point is related to the thesis statement V. Conclusion or summary of the paper A. Restate the discussed topic B. Include a summary of the key points from discussion C. Restate your thesis statement