Asking yourself how to comprehend your assignment instructions? Many teachers write their paper prompts in different ways. By sticking to several steps, you can understand the requests of your teacher better and produce an assignment that he expects. Sure, you should always talk to your teacher in case you need additional clarifications.article-img-01
  1. Read prompts for your assignments carefully. You will be able to focus and understand what the task requires from you.
  2. Underline the parts that you need to know. Some such details are formatting requirements and specific instructions.
  3. Underline significant phrases. You must know your instructor well by now – make sure to follow some of the phrases he likes to use in class. Does he constantly repeat some specific words? If they are present in the requirements, you can be 100% sure that the teacher expects you to know and use these keywords.
  4. Think about your academic writing and how you will answer the questions. The prompt has clues about how you should write your assignment. Your teacher will usually point out some ideas he expects to be covered either in questions, in the form of bullet points, or in any other noticeable way.
  5. Rank ideas present in the assignment, from those that are more important to the ones that have less significance. Instructors usually include questions or points than you can additionally address in your assignment, so structure them on the basis of their importance. One part of the prompt may be more fascinating for you personally than another.
  6. Ask your instructor if you have any questions or need clarifications about your writing assignments.
article-img-02When you are done ranking the importance of the sections of your homework assignment, keep thinking:
  1. What is the aim of this task? Is my goal to inform the reader? Should it be based on a research or not, and can I get assignment help from someone I know?
  2. Who is the audience of my academic essay? Is it just my teacher who is going to read it? Who else will have to go over it? Will this school assignment be posted online for everyone to read? What needs and expectations of my reader should I consider?
  3. What resources should I use in my writing assignment? Do I have to resort to literary (historical or hermeneutic) research, or should I review important references on the topic and conduct some empirical research, for instance, a survey or observation? Are the references sufficient for my writing assignment?
  4. Is my teacher the only source that can help me with my homework assignments or can I ask someone else – a friend, a classmate or a relative? Is there a writing lab I can go to find like-minded people and discuss my writing techniques with them? How can I practice my writing skills? Can I improve my assignment writing in any way? Can I contact a professional help service for a helpful advice? And, more importantly, should I?